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Kill your TV: Attila Janisch

Attila Janisch 

Graduated in 1984 at the College Of Theatre- And Film Arts as disciple of Zoltán Fábri. Under his college years he's found his unique style that can be found in his later movies (Zizi, A másik part). He uses the effect mechanism of the genre thriller in his philosophic stories about fate. By his own confession he's became influenced in his younger years by the works of Alfred Hitchcock, Ingmar Bergman and Luis Bunuel. He likes free and associative movie constructions and stories that are between reality and the dream-like scenes of surreality. He loves complex and strong emotional effects. Janisch always uses existing musics for his works.

In the movies of the director the protagonists moving in unknown environment or strange climes are often getting into situations that makes them face themselves, their pent-up desires, their sins. In Árnyék a havon and Másnap the human fallen into sin is in the center. Attila JAnisch likes to call his movies "sin movies". His movies containing very little dialogues. His constant co-worker and screenplay writer is András Forgách. His movies are seldom taking place in cities, he prefers poetical climes as scenes of his balladistic and mistical stories. One of the most important and most effective representative of his movies is the strong atmosphere.

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1. Zizi (1982)
2. A másik part (1983)
3. Róbert és Róbert (1985)
4. Lélegzetvisszafojtva (1985)
5. Árnyék a havon (1991) aka Shadow on the Snow
6. Hosszú alkony (1997) aka Long Dusk
7. Másnap (2004) aka After the Day Before


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